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- American Hero - - - 1/26/2018 - comment
Kid and his friend get their car stuck in the sand out in the desert. So the kid calls his dad, who comes and gets stuck in the sand too. Not jumping in the water to save someone who is drowning is a well know rule. Anyways they all call a tow truck, not Bloomfield towing yet, and then he gets stuck as well! This tow truck calls Charlie at Bloomfield and he gets them all out. Here's the twist. While getting everyone towed out, he got a call from his wife. Being it's the desert and a while ago the reception was bad and he threw his flip phone out of frustration. Fast forward to the next day, the police find a body and four sets of tire tracks in the desert and Charlie's phone near the scene. What no one knew was that one of the two friends who had gotten the initial car stuck had killed her. Long story short, had he not thrown the his phone away the night before, the police may have never found the guy who did it. I seen it on an episode of forensic files on Netflix.

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