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- Beware! - - - 11/17/2019 - comment
BEWARE! This place is filled with LIARS and THIEVES! My car was towed after having a seizure and crashing into a tree. This place took complete advantage of my helplessness. Their yard is only a few miles from where I hit the tree. Sometime between when they loaded my car and the drive to the yard they searched my car and found my wallet and took all my cash and used my credit card. I found out about the charge when checking my balance. My car was totaled so I went into the shop to give them my pink slip and pay for the tow fees. I called ahead of time to let them know so they wouldn't charge me a lien fee. They agreed to this arrangement. Per their request I paid the tow fee in cash. The lady at the front desk told me I also needed to pay for a lien fee which I argued to no avail and paid that as well. I then gave her my pink slip and was told they no longer needed it because of the lien. I asked if I could go back and get my stuff from the car. She said she would first need the registration to prove I was the owner. I explained it was in the car as well as my wallet with my driver's license in it. I could barely see since my glasses were also in the car. I told her the pink slip was proof and she argued that it was company policy to only use the registration. Huh? She supposedly sent workers back to my car 3 times to check for my belongings. She said my car was empty. I called the Sheriff and she now came back and told me that it was okay to look through the car since I didn't have my registration. Huh? I loaded 4 bags of my belongings that were not stolen. All the cards were moved around in my wallet and my money was missing. I feel completely violated. Don't let this happen to you!

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