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- Avoid this business like the plague! - - Drew - 5/3/2019 - comment
Very similar situation to what John F. yelped; google search and you fill find others who received the same treatment not just motorcycle owners, car owners too. After my stolen motorcycle was recovered, the Oregon City Police Department had it impounded by Bud's towing. Just as John F. stated I don't know why, I have towing coverage for all of my vehicles and could have had it towed to my home if I had been given the opportunity. I received a txt message from OCPD that my bike had been recovered at 3:49 PM, I called OCPD at 4:58 PM and was told to go to OCPD anytime and pick up release to get my bike from impound lot, after getting a yellow copy of the TOWED VEHICLE REPORT with No Fee hand written on it from the officer at OCPD I headed over to Buds towing nobody is there as it is 7:50 PM by this time so I call the number they say nobody is coming to release my bike to me unless I have $320 in cash! After arguing with the person on the phone that I wanted to pick up my stolen vehicle and I had a TOWED VEHICLE REPORT for release with "No Fee" clearly written on it, they again refused no cash no vehicle. Shortly thereafter I received a call from the OCPD that Bud's Towing had called them claiming I was harassing them eventhough there was nobody there and they had refused to send anybody unless I came up with a handful of cash. That call was followed up by a call from another Bud's Towing agent asking if the officer had made it clear that I owed them money and did I want to get my bike tonight $320.00 with after hours gate fee, or come back during normal business hours for low price of $275.00 no gate fee. Mind you Bud's towing did tow the bike an entire mile from Oregon City KFC and had stored it for somewhere just over four hours at this point in time! When I returned to get my bike during normal business hours I also asked to go check my bike for personal belongings mainly personal documents with information in the storage area also to see if the bike was in safe rideable condition or if I would need to trailer it home. The agent refused to let me check it out or even enter the premesis, not even the office until I handed him $320 in cash, no check, no credit only cold hard cash. I informed the agent that ORS 98.858 specifically states that Right of owner or person in lawful possession of vehicle to redeem or inspect vehicle also that a tower may not charge the owner or person in lawful possession of the motor vehicle a fee in any amount to obtain personal property except for a gate fee between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. on business days, or on a Saturday, a Sunday or a legal holiday. The Bud's Towing agent insisted that I could not enter the premesis to retrieve any of my personal items from the vehicle or inspect it until I had given him $320.00 cash. I wholeheartedly agree with John F. inconsiderate and insensitive people work here and run this business moreover, they are not following the laws of the state that they are operating in. They also lie and try to tell you their fees are dictated by the Police contract but unfortunately for us the neither Oregon City, Clackamas County or State of Oregon has enforced any fee limits minimum or maximum so the rates Bud's Towing is charging you are set freely by the owners of the company. Again, avoid this business like the plague, inconsiderate, ignorant and overpriced are all understatements.

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