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- Predatory Thief, Despicable, Fraud, Greed driven Owner-Operator Kevin Clancy - - Karma Reigns Supreme - 12/26/2017 - comment
Those in need of a tow company, CONSUMERS BEWARE!!! CLANCY 24hr Towing is a PREDATORY TOW COMPANY!!! Opportunistic, Deceitful, and has a COMPLETE LACK OF MORAL COMPASS.. PLEASE Support Legitimate, Fair, Decent, Upstanding, "FRAUD FREE" Consumer Towing Businesses with RESPECT & INTEGRITY & HONESTY, that know that it's customers are what make them successful and prosperous, and ALWAYS APPRECIATES & VALUES their customers, and it directly shows in their EVERYDAY PRACTICES.. So PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW CONSUMERS, & ONLY GOOD BUSINESSES by taking ALL of your "TOW business" ANYWHERE but EL CAJON'S "KEVIN" CLANCY OF ***CLANCY'S 24 HR Towing on Pioneer way.. TRUE SCAM ARTIST, RIPOFF, AMERICAN GREED & PURE BLATANT UNEXCUSABLE THIEVERY BASED TOWING COMPANY. This company needs to be shut down for good..

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