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- Very best around! - - - 8/8/2022 - comment
Very best towing around! Highly recommend My 3 Sons!

- No Answer non working number... - - Diane Rucker - 5/28/2022 - comment
my car was stolen on May 3rd and left abandoned and on the 17th of May my 3 sons towed it to their impound lot. I've called the numbers listed and I can't get thru to the tow company in the mean time the bill keeps getting higher. I feel like the thief that stole it ought to pay for the towing fee. however I'm in need of my car and unable to get ant response from this towing service
      - 8/4/2022 - O between the Laurel County sheriffs office and my 3 sons towing, I know they partner together on ripping people off. The sheriff's office kept giving me an address that was 15 yes old and my 3 sons having people running all over town trying to locate the business. And to avail running up the storage bill because nuther place would give me an accurate address or 0hone number. I had to threaten the sheriff's office with contacting Hal Roger's office Tell me why are they still using 35 Redbird lane as a place of business address and the only thing there is a senior couple living in a single wide trailer. So if their not scamming the public I don't know who is worse my 3 sons or the laurel county sheriff's office. Never go back after they wracked up a 650.00 tab on my behalf for the con game they were all involved in it.

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