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Rate and Review Valu Auto Towing

- Valu auto is a horrible company - - Miriam - 6/2/2022 - comment
See my complete review on Google under this company’s profile. Valu auto told me the technician to jumpstart was about 30 minutes away even though I had already waited 2 hours. No apology given. Instead the lady from Valu Auto hung up on me and canceled my service request. When my insurance called to find out ETA, the lady lied that there was never a service request received by Valu auto. A coward move.

- Called to confirm service then canceled??? - - Erica Ignatovich - 11/26/2020 - comment
My insurance company called them as they were the closest place that was open. 45 minutes after the insurance company told me it would be 90 minutes till they could get to me, a guy from Valu called to confirm where I was and that I would wait an hour for them to get there. I already waited 45 minutes, what was another 60? I waited an hour and no one came. I called them back and they said they canceled the service request with my insurance provider OVER AN HOUR AGO. So basically, AS SOON AS THEY CALLED ME, they IMMEDIATELY hung up and called the insurance company back AND CANCELED MY SERVICE TICKET and didn't have the BALLS to call me back to tell me! Just let me sit on a pitch black road, alone in an 18 year old vehicle in the middle of the night with a flat tire... BECAUSE THE INSURANCE PREMIUM WASN'T WORTH IT?!?

- wouldn't let these crooks tow my ten speed - - your newly founded plaintiff - 4/20/2016 - comment
totally out of control I couldn't even begin to tell you the corrupt bs this bussiness has conducted so check out the local papers it will be printed 4)22)16 unbelievable actions as matter of fact these actions fall under criminal activity
     Rob. Andreasen - 12/8/2019 - They stole my car that was suppose to be impounded at his place as evidence. Get the note from the Da releasing my car, I go to grt it, no car. He said he sold it and the cops let him get away with it.

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